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New TC Wanderer

A classic/retro styling design be combined with the newest

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 *The Tc Wanderer is eligible for the €2,000 cash back Gov. Grant, for more information with regards to Government rebates kindly contact us on +356 21824020.


Classic/retro styling design combined with the newest technology of electric motorcycles


110km (45km/h with 75kg driver, Dual Battery version) 


3.5 hours
Rounded shape headlight, high handlebar, great classic design is combined with innovative technology and extremely smart features. This bike could represent the perfect working base for builders and customizes.

Streamlined and rugged body

Based on vintage models, the body is paired with the bold lines and modern technology, bringing you an endless comfort and pleasure of riding.

Everything under control

The round shape, mechanical-type display, gives the bike a touch of classic look, but with the outstanding LCD digital screen ensuring clear readability for our riders

High-performance motor guarantees 180 Nm torque and 110 km full range (Dual Battery)

CBS Braking system

The CBS braking system split the braking force between front and rear disks. Reduce stopping distances and increase safety efficiency of the New TC

More time to travel

New TC is powered by an ATL 60V 32AH battery that enables the bike to travel up to 110 km. Charging time is only 3 hours and 30 minutes for each battery. Second battery is optional and works in parallel with the first one

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