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A dirt bike without competitors



 *The On-r is eligible for the €2,000 cash back Gov. Grant, for more information with regards to Government rebates kindly contact us on +356 21824020.

    90Km/h L3e Speed /  4KW Rated Power / 8KW Max Power

High-travel suspension

The rear suspension allows for the best possible dampening of potholes and stones, the engine cover protects the body of the bike from blows and debris.


A dirt bike without competitors

Compact, lightweight, with a unique design and, of course, 100% electric: ON-R is the newest addition to the Vmoto range and is designed for the younger audience.

Ready for new challenges

The display provides all useful information for safe driving, and the fender and motor cover lines offer maximum protection against dust, mud and water. Lots of little touches make ON-R the perfect bike for city commuting and beyond.

Icon engine power



Icon engine power