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PiWear Skull Beret

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It is also elegant. The skull cylinder impresses from a distance with its detailed large headpiece in the shape of an elegant cylinder hat. Attached to the hat, the interesting skull has futuristic glasses with the finest details of gears, clasps and spikes. The eyeglass tint is the slightly shiny yellowish lenses and of course the decorative spring on the side of the skull. True steampunk design.

Of course, the skull head should not be missing in any noble environment. Whether in your own cellar bar, at parties, at Halloween or for drinking with a noble person, he should always be the centre of attention.

Short and good: it is pretty – creepy beautiful.

Realistic colours with the different colourings and the detailed shape of the skull and cylinder stand out from many other products on the market.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 15.5 x 17.0 x 20.0 cm (*With spring the height is approx. 34 cm).

Weight: 610g

Material: polyresin