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Pi-wear Invase SM

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The PiWear Invase SM is a two-part multifunctional goggle/mask and can also be worn over goggles. Thanks to the polycarbonate lenses, these glasses are extremely break- and scratch-resistant.

Included Microfibre bag, which can also be used as a cleaning cloth. Thanks to the windproof foam padding, these goggles are perfect for open helmets or all other outdoor activities. The all-round air-permeable soft foam padding and the ventilation holes incorporated in the lower frame ensure a clear view. The flexible headband can be individually adjusted to any head size and, thanks to a triple silicone strip, ensures a secure fit even with rapid head movements. Openings at the top and bottom of the frame ensure good ventilation of the lens.

The mouthguard can be quickly and easily removed/installed using a click system. Ventilation is also integrated in the mouthguard. The two side openings are protected against the ingress of foreign objects by a fine wire mesh. A breathing opening with multiple slits is set in the middle. This is also protected against the ingress of foreign bodies with a foam filter.The variant “SM” is a dark tinted lens (Cat. 3). Ideal for use in bright light conditions.